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A void is unwelcome. But the added costs of business rates and security can make things even worse. We soften the blow with mitigation programmes suitable for all types and sizes of property, short- or long-term.

In some cases we can reduce net costs to near-zero; in all cases we can achieve significant savings. Our Social Return On Investment programmes provide unrivalled CSR benefits. We're completely transparent and ethical.

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Whether your landlord clients are waiting for a let, preparing for works, or pre-development, we can help you serve them better.

One-off engagements, or your virtual business rates mitigation department: we're a simple, low-hassle, add-on to help your business serve your clients better.

If you have tenants with empty property unable to assign or surrender in the current climate, we can assist with those too.

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Save outgoings on pre-planning and pre-commencement projects, maintain community goodwill and lock in Community Infrastructure Levey (CIL) offsets.

We have solutions for refurb, rebuild, brownfield and B1 to C3 schemes. We can help with Section 106 programmes, too.

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Ethical, transparent, and supporting society

If appropriate to your site, our network of charities, social enterprises, and delivery partners will use your property for good. If you prefer, we can offer other procedural solutions. In either case, our specialists take all of the hassle away from you; we get going quickly, we get out of your way promptly!

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Minimal documentation review costs

We have ready-to-roll document sets deliberately designed to cost you as little as possible in legal fees to review, yet comprehensive enough to actually achieve what they set out to do!

If you're in a hurry, we won't make a drama out of your crisis.

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No site is an impossible mission

We can usually offer solutions for even the most difficult or compromised of sites. We're passionate about creative thinking, so feel free to set us a challenge.

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Shout out loud, or stay under the radar

Some of our clients are delighted to be able to co-brand public-facing projects to boost their local profile. Others can think of nothing worse.

We work with you, not against you, to make sure everything we do helps to achieve your objectives.

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Agents of Change - with report cards!

If you or your client have a CSR strategy, or if you just want to know that your property is helping to give something back to society, our Social Return On Investment reporting can help you measure the social impact of the projects we enable on your behalf.

Social Return on Investment is a form of stakeholder-driven evaluation blended with cost-benefit analysis tailored to social purposes. It tells the story of how change is being created and places a monetary value on that change and compares it with the costs of inputs required to achieve it.

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Flexible Portfolio Solutions

If you or your client have a portfolio of properties, we can provide a fully managed solution - dovetailing with lettings, viewings, preparatory works, etc. to mitigate and minimise your void costs and tax liabilities.

With our flexible back-office technology, we can provide tailored portfolio reporting on a schedule and in a form to interface with your existing systems.

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